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Terry Mize Ministries

Living To Give - 4-Discs CD Audio

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Christians today have been desensitized by Hollywood; In movies and television Hollywood constantly gives us special effects that are sensational and spectacular; cars explode and are blown through the air, or in a gunfight they show us blood and gore splattered across a wall and so on. So when Christians read a Bible account of a miracle they also expect the sensational and the spectacular…. but God is not into the sensational nor the spectacular but he is into the miraculous.

God doesn’t want a Christian’s life to be sensational or spectacular, but he wants your life to be miraculous. I remember when I was 19 the USA put a man on the moon. People said to me, it’s a miracle. I answered, no, it is sensational and it is spectacular but it is not a miracle.

We know how we did it and we can do it again. My definition of a miracle is….”BECAUSE GOD”…. If you can explain it, it’s not a miracle. In this series on the supernatural, the miraculous, we are going to look at many Bible miracles and ask some very pointed questions…. How did that happen? Where did that come from? We will explore those great Bible supernatural miracles that we have taken for granted or have tried to make sensational and spectacular and get a new perspective on them. That they are supernatural acts of a miracle-working God.