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Terry Mize Ministries

Prayers and Promises for Supernatural Childbirth - Mini Book

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A Supernatural Promise For You!

Whether you're struggling to conceive a child, concerned about a difficult pregnancy or delivery, or just want the best for you and your baby, then this little book full or prayers and promises from the Scriptures is just for you!

Based on the original bestseller, Supernatural Childbirth, these amazing promises reveal God's will for you concerning pregnancy and childbirth. Author Jackie Mize was told she would never have children. But when she read the Bible, she found that God had a better promise just for her. God loves children and mommies and wants the very best for both. Discover, just as Jackie did, how powerful the Word of God can be when you put it in your heart and pray it over your life.

    About The Author

    Terry and Jackie Mize represented over 30 years of marriage, ministry, missions, and miracles. In 2013, Jackie unexpectedly passed away, but her vision of helping women all over the world through Supernatural Childbirth has become an incredible reality. Thousands of testimonies each year pour into our ministry, as a testament to God's faithfulness throughout a woman's pregnancy. 

    Over the years, Terry and Jackie were frequent guests on numerous TV and radio programs including PTL, TBN, 700 Club, Richard Roberts, and others, sharing the success of Supernatural Childbirth.

    Terry's first book, More Than Conquerors, and Jackie's first book, Supernatural Childbirth were immediate bestsellers and have been translated into many languages in nations around the globe.

    Terry is known as the "Pastor's Friend" because of his undying commitment to the local Church and office of Pastor. Jackie has been dubbed "Mother of the World" with so many wonderful testimonies of couples having children due to her ministry.