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Terry Mize Ministries

The Iron Did Swim - Audio Download

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Because of my 55 years being a missionary and preaching about faith and victory, along with living my own life by faith to obtain victory all these years, and while never utilizing any national outlets such as TV or radio, etc…, there are some sermons or lifestyles which I use in my own life but do not preach about much in the USA. These are the go-to messages that I know "work". 

"The Iron Did Swim" is one of those messages for me to run to in times of Attacks from HELL. It is a phenomenal and supernatural account of a man of God standing on God's word to change and make history to help ordinary people. 

What testimonies we have from people who have grabbed this WORD and used it, even one high school football team that got it, wrote it on their fingers every game, and won all the way to state….haha.

You will be blessed as you listen and use it in your personal life, and you will enjoy stopping the Devil and his cohorts as they become helpless in their fight against you.